Banking Structure & Laws Presentation presented by Capital B

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Banking Structure & Laws Presentation presented by Capital B

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6th December 2019 @ 10:30am

Presented by Capital Bank

Meeting Subjects:

The Banking System in TRNC:
a) What is Safe and How Safe are Banks in TRNC*
b) Central Bank 20,000 Euro Security
c) Amount of Audits Auditing a Bank Each Year
d) Central Bank Regulations on Failiure of a Bank
e) Central Bank Law Before 2004 and After 2004
f) Banks that are in operation in TRNC

Interest Rates and Why They Differ from Bank to Bank:
a) Competition Between Banks Hence Their Targets
b) Concentratation on different customer groups
c) Growth as a result having more product options
d) Networking of a Bank

Monetary Risks and Benefits in the TRNC:
a) TL interest rates may rise to compensate the rise of exchange
b) Offered interest rates on deposit accocunts are quite high compared to countries abroad
c) Position of foreign currencies by the end of 2018
d) Boom in tourism due to cost effectiveness
e) Volatility of the rates prevents to swap between currencies
f) Foreign currency will gain stronghold against

Troubles With the Turkish Lira:
a) Deficit of Turkey 450 Billion USD
b) War in Syria
c) Privatisation of public economic enterprises*
d) Sudden growth in exportation causing deficit in the economy
e) Failing realtions with Europe for cash injection and foreign investors
f) Excessive spenditure of the current government in Turkey
g) The cost of 4 million Syrian refugees costs are not fully paid by EU

Customer Responsibilities:
a) Verification of the Customer
b) Updating your credential details at a bank
c) 2 way communication
d) Joint account and Probation

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