Passport/ID card and residence permit

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Passport/ID card and residence permit

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Post by Crazydre »

So I just found out a former schoolmate of mine (ie from Sweden) wants to do a Master of Turkish Language & Literature Education at the Girne American University (being a complete Turkophile).

I know we (as EU citizens) are allowed to enter the TRNC on our ID cards.
However, I've heard that this only applies to visits, and that a passport is required to get a residence permit.

Now, under Swedish law the person cannot get a passport for the next 3 years, because their passport got lost/was stolen 3 times.
They can only get an emergency passport, valid for max 7 months.

So is it true that only passports are accepted for a TRNC residence permit for EU citizens?
If so, after the residence permit has been obtained, can the person use their ID card and residence permit combined to Exit and re-enter the TRNC, or do they still need a passport for that purpose? (if not, the emergency passport is an Option)

We both tried calling the Muhaceret Office in Girne (especially the other person, obviously being fluent in Turkish), but the number messes with our phones (I myself cannot call Turkish numbers at all)

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Re: Passport/ID card and residence permit

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Post by Keithcaley »

To clarify, your friend would need a Student Visa, not a Visitor or Resident permit.

See here

Try using Skype or other VOIP to call TRNC, they work fine for us

GAU may be able to answer your passport queries.

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