Boundary Issues

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Boundary Issues

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My neighbour recently informed me that their boundary now appears to extend over into my area, across what we previously believed was the access road and also into neighbouring land.

Whilst I appreciate that when the houses were first built there was no GPS and most measurements were done with string, my property was measured with GPS before the Kocan was issued. Theirs was too (same builder built both properties). My other neighbour also had her land measured by TAPU using GPS and her Kocan has been issued.

Now all the boundaries seem to have been affected and I cannot get a clear understanding how boundaries measured previously with GPS are now "wrong". At no time was there any indication that the boundaries were wrong.

I have approached TAPU in Girne and was told that the whole of Alsancak (were I live) is still being re-measured, and in about 3 weeks I should go to the Interior Ministry to see the new plan.

I know Turkey has sent surveyors to re-measure all the land in the TRNC and to plot all the properties as many have not been registered.
I have told my neighbour who is claiming the extra land that as soon as I can get the new (hopefully definitive) plan from the Interior Ministry, then we can use this to establish exactly what is what and how to go forward.
Has anyone had a similar problem with the boundaries moving due to GPS measurements, and managed to resolve it?
Can anyone recommend a lawyer who is experienced with this as agreements will need to be signed I am sure.

I don't want this to become acrimonious, but at the same time I need to make sure I don't end up getting taken for a ride.

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