Update from Government on restrictions re virus

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Update from Government on restrictions re virus

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The following decisions were taken re a meeting of Councils ministers yesterday

The night curfew continues until June 1st

From May 17th - marketplaces including those belonging to municipalities and open-air ones can open. The spacing of the stalls entrances and exits will be carried out under the rules of the municipalities.

From May 18th - Sundays will not be limited to supermarkets, fuel etc. Businesses already permitted to can open. Sunday partial curfew will be lifted.
Mobile food vendors will be able to sell. Individual boats for personal use at marinas can be used. Individual type sporting activities and training can take place in sports grounds and sport fields. Individual walking activities can be done on walk course ways. Freedom to do sporting activities in picnic areas and green spaces. However picnic areas and children's park areas are closed until June 1st.
The ban on visiting historical sites is also lifted. Historical and touristic attractions can be visited.

From May 20th - Barbers and hairdressers will only be open for haircuts and hair care. Beard cutting, manicure, pedicures etc services will not be provided. All social events and mass events are prohibited until June 1st. Businesses that remain closed and those that are not specified to open up above are covered by the bank until June 1st. Schools and educational institutions remain closed until June 30th. In terms of education the school term has ended. The ministry of education, which consults within the ministry of health will make decisions about graduates, re-sit and college exams.

As of June 1st entry will open to all CITIZENS whose usual place of residence is the TRNC. Previously entry was only available for those who had travelled for health or bereavement purposes. The 14 day quarantine rule applies.

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