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Moving to North Cyprus or returning home?

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KMR Logistics / Shipping

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We are moving back to the UK later this year.

We have used KMR Logistics after a lot of searching and getting different quotes decided to go with KMR after another forum member used them.

I can honestly say from the moment we called them for a house visit to Lapta everthing went like clockwork.

I have been out of Cyprus when this was carried out and the help KMR gave my wife was above and beyond their remit.

KMR came and packed every item and listed them, took my wife to the Muthar for Power of Attorney to take the 20ft container into their storage before sail away.

They told us the sailing date and the arrival date of the ship in Plymouth 30 days.

KMR did customs clearance in Plymouth , keeping in touch with my wife every step of the journey.

Our shipped goods arrived in Scotland on Saturday with every item intact and the container opened by ourselves.

We have heard Horror stories regarding shipping company's in North Cyprus with goods not reaching their destination but with KMR the opposite was the case.

The contact name and number for KMR is

Kamil Reis : 0533 859 3232 and 0392 366 5762.

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Re: KMR Logistics / Shipping

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Post by pc4854 »

Sent you a private message regarding KMR, your advices would be welcome in due course.

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