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Not actually a joke but I feel it better placed here than on the main board.

Sitting outside taking morning coffee I suddenly had an excruciating pain on the end of my Willy. Leaping up wondering what had bitten me and how the hell did it get into my shorts?

Preparing to take down my shorts I saw a complete burn through hole in the front centre. Unknowingly I had knocked the tip of my cigarette into my lap. The thin nylon materials offering no resistance to the heat and no warning smell of burning.

No sympathy from the 'other half' who is still laughing but did say she hasn't seen me move so fast in years and then added that she won't be replacing those Reebok shorts and that I will have to settle for Primark!

tt Health warning - Smoking is bad for your health and can harm your sex life!


Work is the curse of the drinking classes.

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