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How do you milk a sheep?
You don't need a Collie dog to round them up - iphone have the answer - Bring out a new iPhone and charge $1,000 for it and they come flocking.

Been pretty busy today - only able to check my phone 100 times.

When i talk to young people I like to tell them a story about how I survived for 40 years without a cell phone or the internet.

We have to accept the fact that we are getting old when our bill at the pharmacy is greater than we spend at the grocery store.

2 old guys sitting on a park bench - one says 'You know i am really feeling my age, everything aches'. His companion replied' Well I feel llke a newborn, no hair, no teeth, no memory and I just peed my pants'.

Les Dawson ( saving the best 'til last)
I went down the pub the other night. After a couple of pints I had to answer a call of nature. Returning to my seat and just picking up my pint when a snotty guy at the next table leaned over and said ' Do you mind doing up your flies - you are sitting there in the full view of my wife'
I said to him ' Tell her not to worry , has she ever seen a dead parrot fall out of it's cage'?

Work is the curse of the drinking classes.

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