Pool Leaking? Recommending a leak detection company

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Pool Leaking? Recommending a leak detection company

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My pool started to use a lot of water a couple of months ago and was getting worse weekly. I was told by 2 pool maintenance companies that at least 2-3 rows of tiles from the top would need to be removed and to receive any guarantee, one said that all of the tiles would need to be removed. Upon speaking to Joanna at PoolTech of my problem, she told me that Soner, who also had a similar problem, had used someone to find where his pool was losing water and at a very reasonable cost. I then contacted Soner and this past Monday a company called Leak Detectives based out of Arapkoy came to my property in Karsiyaka and over a 2 hour period checked out my entire pool using a microphone to listen for leakage and a red dye to confirm where the water was escaping. Leaks were found in several places but thankfully none were found inside the pool. Replacing the tiles would not have solved the problem and I saved the cost of that work plus the cost of emptying and refilling the pool and at least 2 weeks of downtime. The cost for this service was quite reasonable and would highly recommend this company. The work was carried out in a meticulous and professional manner.

Leak Detectives
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While filling the channel using a hosepipe to test it for leaks (a procedure that Leak Detectives asked me to do to save on cost), I noticed that the channel was not filling as quickly. I pulled the grill and discovered this crack (and there were more)! I contacted the company that had done the work on the channel last year and the response was "Unfortunately that will not affect the pool losing water". Later it was shown that water was escaping into the cracks by using a red dye.
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