Certification for Solar electric tricycle

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Certification for Solar electric tricycle

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Post by KazakBN »

I am going to putchase a passenger solar electric tricycle (rickshaw type) from China. Here is an example.
< http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/S ... 69274.html >
The shipping company will bring it to Famagusta, and what shall I do next?
In order to register and insure a vehicle, it must have some type of certification acceptable to the Transport Authority. I know that there exists the British MOT certification and there are European certifications (CE and EEC, don't know the difference between them).
Which one of the European is the closest to the British one? In China they produce tricycles with CE and EEC certifications, can sell any one at will.
Who knows:
1) Which certification will be sufficient for registration in TRNC?
2) What is the name of the office that does vehicle registration in TRNC ( and 1-2 English-speaking phone numbers for this office)?

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Re: Certification for Solar electric tricycle

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Post by kibsolar1999 »

if it is not a "book" or something.. you need to have a customs agent anyway.
he/she can find out all you need to know.
and, just as a hint:
it might be that the solar panels on that rickshaw need a special permission.

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