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How to save energy and money in North Cyprus: Solar Panels, Wind Turbines - find out all you need to know about renewable energy.

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Better go for Quality

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We offer nearly all kind of electric solar (PV) systems, not on-grid systems (net metering) only.
We are completely aware of price competition, we are approx 10-15% more “expensive” as others, eg, for a 3kWp on-grid system installed on a “tiles roof” , the “all in” price is 5500 Euro.
And this is for good reasons:
We install European made equipment only and do not install Chinese (or Asia) made solar panels and certainly no Chinese inverters. (neither on-grid nor for off-grid use...)
These “additional costs” will prolong your return of investment for a net metering system by only 6 – 9 month, but the system is much more to be trusted.

We are in the business since 20 years, not like others which do offer (often: only on-grid) systems since two or three years or since two or three month only.
At the moment, we do install a 3kWp and a 4kWp on-grid (net metering) system in Esentepe area, a 8kWp 3-phase net metering system in Doganköy and a solar pool pumping system in K. Erenköy.

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