WingTsun Martial Arts classes for adults.

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WingTsun Martial Arts classes for adults.

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WingTsun is an effective Chinese martial art self defence system that was invented by a woman so that she could defend herself against bigger and stronger attackers which makes it suitable for anyone regardless of age, gender, physique or physical ability.

This is not another martial art sport! WingTsun is REAListic, Effective SelfDefence with results from the first class, Providing you with the skills and knowledge to defend yourself in real life situations. Learn what it takes to overcome conflict, and protect yourself and those you care about most.

A fully-body workout which burns over 800 calories an hour & provides you with increased mindfulness, perception, strength, balance, flexibility & fighting spirit. No workout gets your body & mind in better shape.

Call now or complete the form on our website to book a one week free trial, no cost, no obligation !!! 0548 841 7871 -
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