ROCK - The Musical comes to Kyrenia

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ROCK - The Musical comes to Kyrenia

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ANYONE who would like to join us to sing in this production with Roger Jones who wrote the musical, personally conducting, is welcome. Rehearsals are due to start again for ROCK on September 26th. We have found a new choir master, Emanuel. The first rehearsal, unfortunately for Chamber choir members is a Wednesday, but after that we will stay with TUESDAYS. Can you please confirm your interest to [email protected]

So to recap:

Wednesday September 26th, 6pm Catholic Church

Tuesday October 2nd, same time and venue
Tuesday October 9th
Tuesday October 16th etc etc

Tickets for the public to enjoy the production on November 8th at The Colony Hotel will be available at the end of September/early October. A finger buffet will be included. All proceeds will be given to Christian Musical Ministries as UK charity .

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