1L. Maloney's-Irish Country Cream Special Offer 55TL

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1L. Maloney's-Irish Country Cream Special Offer 55TL

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Maloney’s Country Cream is a smooth blend of rich Irish dairy cream, chocolate and vanilla flavours, wine and Irish spirits and has a low alcohol strength of less than 15% by volume.

Because Maloney’s has a low alcohol strength and as it includes fermented alcohol in its ingredients, it can, in many markets, be sold in wine and beer stores where higher strength spirits are not available.

Its smooth texture is derived from the quality of the pure and fresh Irish dairy cream that we use at Terra which we source locally from the surrounding dairylands.

Maloney’s Country Cream is a winner of many accolades including a Gold Medal from the prestigious Blas Na hEireann Irish Food and Drinks Awards.

This award-winning product delivers a delicious tasting low alcohol cream-based drink at an exceptional price and is enjoyed in markets as far as far East as Russia and as far West as the USA.

Maloney’s is best consumed over ice, chilled or in coffee or mixed with your favourite spirit and as it contains fresh cream, it is not advisable to mix with citric based drinks.

We recommend that once opened, the product should be consumed within 3 months for optimal taste experience and that it should be stored away from temperature extremes and direct sunlight.

Sizes Available: 700ml / 750 ml / Litre
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