Lonely Christmas

Disability and mobility issues within the TRNC. Help and information from members regarding problems faced with access issues within the TRNC as well as other information required concerning disability matters.

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Lonely Christmas

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Can I open this topic by wishing everyone and particularly the disabled of any nature a Very Happy Chrismas and a healthy and happy New Year.

And with a gentle reminder. A lot of us are currently suffering from a rather nasty form of influenza. It is no respecter of persons and as well as those of us who are most vulnerable it can also lay low those who are caring for or just keeping an eye on vulnerable friends and relatives leaving them without support. If you have a single, disabled, elderly or just frail person living near you please check that they are alright and if necessary spare a few moments from your celebrations (even your work for Charity) to make sure they, and any pets they may have , are comfortable, warm and and not neglected over the holy season.

This is supposed to be the season of goodwill to all so spare a thought from your Turkey and mince pies and cracker for the less fortunate.

"God Bless Us, everyone"

(Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol)

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