New Mr Pound - No Access

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New Mr Pound - No Access

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Post by Keithcaley »

(30/12/2017) Posted by ttoli: -
A glorified China Bazaar
1. No disabled parking provision visible or indicated
2. Very gentle slopes to main entrance (no Handrails ), highly polished = slippery marble/travertine
3. 2 Floors, 1 at basement level accessed by escalator, no lift seen or indicated
4. No handrails
5. No toilet facilities indicated by signage

This is Mr Pound plus, varying prices (not fixed ) and as per previous posters, an accident waiting to happen, I visited @ 5pm (pitch dark ), parking both sides of a dimly lit dual carriageway with cars passing @ 60MPH + with the addition of perpendicular parking in front of the store (reversing out into on-coming traffic ) , pet section had no chews, Gardening section had no fertilizer

(04/12/2018) Posted by Catlover: -
parked without any problem and quite a few spaces available.
- clearly they are planning on having more parking area (already HEAPS more than the one in town and no-one complains about that)
- they are still sorting things out but wanted to get the place opened for New Year
- there IS a LIFT to ALL FLOORS (just ask as it is just past the information desk on the ground floor)
- the slope outside to go up to the entrance is NON-SLIPPERY, rough marble not shiny surface (I had no problem walking down it when it was raining and I hate slopes without handrails - even with handrails I often slip on the tiles)
- if you suggest they put a handrail there I am sure it will be addressed fairly soon
- if there is anything you can't see and are looking for then ask an assistant - there are loads of very helpful people in there
- there are also a lot of new and interesting things in this shop that you can't find in the others so definitely worth a visit

For all of you who have criticised the shop, I would suggest that instead of moaning about the shop on this forum, why not make useful suggestions to the staff at the information desk in the store. They would be very happy to take on constructive comments and are keen to make this a success.

If you need wheelchair access this shop is excellent.
- slope to front entrance
- good space between aisles
- lift to all floors
- many helpful assistants on all floors

(05/12/2018) Posted by gary&shirley: -
Went yesterday, no problems either parking to the front of the store or being able to safely join the by pass. The store is lovely with plenty of room between isles however found it to be more like China Bazaar than the old pound shop in town and as already mentioned no dog treats at this store and very little at the old store so now on the lookout for somewhere that sells cheap dog treats as have 3 to treat.

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