Zimmer frames

Disability and mobility issues within the TRNC. Help and information from members regarding problems faced with access issues within the TRNC as well as other information required concerning disability matters.

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Zimmer frames

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Cheshire Homes loan all types of mobility appliances in return for a donation, so if you use them you are also helping a very needy Charity which supports seriously disabled people some of whom are also elderly and frail and impoverished.

They are located just before the Bellapaise roundabout (coming fromGirne) There is a large sign and a decent sized car park. They stay open till about 4 pm weekdays but best to phone first as they run on 90% voluntary staff who are thin on the ground so be patient, please.

Please note there is a section for "Disability Matters" covering facilities for the disabled and I am copyying this there.

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Re: Zimmer frames

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Adding my bit too...

The place mentioned by gates is called The Girne Rehabilitation Centre (Cheshire Homes).
Follow the road towards Ozankoy and Bellapais,
Past Starling on your right, Uncle Sams on your left;
Past Altinkaya Hotel;
Up to the roundabout.

It is actually just before the roundabout on your right but it is easier to go around the roundabout and come back on yourself.
Lots of parking available.

The lady in charge is called Filiz - 0392 815 3771

She is exceptionally helpful and kind.
Normally you leave a donation to borrow what you need and then return it when your visitor goes home.
She should have one (unless it is on loan) as I donated my mother's walker on wheels which was brand new.
If she doesn't have one suitable, there is a shop between the Bellapais lights and the Peace Roundabout that sells disability items and they are not expensive. You can always donate it to the Rehabilitation Centre afterwards so that someone else could benefit from it.
I believe there is now a shop opposite the Girne Hospital as well that sells equipment.

If you need any more information please feel free to send me a private message and I will help where I can.

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