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Notice from BHC

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The following notice was received by the congregation of St Paul's Cathedral, Nicosia (south side) today from the BHC.
Some of it, of course, does not apply to us living in the north, but read on....

A Message for UK nationals in Cyprus from the British High Commissioner

As I am sure you know, the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill has been approved by the UK Parliament. The UK will leave the EU on Friday 31 January at 11pm UK time. I am writing now to explain what this means for UK nationals in Cyprus.
The Withdrawal Agreement between Britain and the EU contains some really important protections for UK nationals living in the EU, including the right to live, work and access services, such as healthcare, as you do now. These rights will be protected for as long as you live in Cyprus, provided that you are legally resident here by the end of 2020. I know that many of you have already applied for residency documents (MEU1s and MEU3s). If you have not yet applied, I strongly urge you to do so now. Please also remember to make sure your passport has not expired as this is a requirement when you apply for residency.

UK nationals who are legally resident in Cyprus should register with GESY, in order to access state healthcare on the same terms as now. This includes people who are covered by the S1 scheme. If you are a tourist or short-term visitor to Cyprus after 31 January we strongly advise you to have comprehensive travel insurance.
An issue which I know is important to UK residents in the north of the island concerns future arrangements for crossing the Green Line. On 1 February, we begin the Implementation Period following our exit from the EU. This lasts until 31 December.

During this time there will be no change to the rules on travel to/from or within Cyprus for UK nationals, including motorists crossing the Green Line. We will continue to engage with the Republic of Cyprus on arrangements beyond the end of 2020 and keep you updated.

Please continue to follow our Living in Cyprus guide on and social media channels – we will let you know when you need to take further action.

Best regards,

Louise Knight | Consular Officer | Consular Department | Nicosia
British High Commission | Alexander Pallis Street | Po Box 21978 | Nicosia | 1587
Tel: +357 22861100 |Fax: +357 22861200| [email protected]

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