Cricket - report from Nigel Holman

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Cricket - report from Nigel Holman

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News fromNigel Holman regarding Cricket - your chance to support your home team and this week there will be more than the usual VIP's:

Read on:

The TRNC Cricket League is back up & running with 7 teams.

We have 2 matches this Sunday at the Alsancak Stadium:

13.03.16 Sun 09.30 Middle East Technical Uni vs Eastern Med Uni

13.03.16 Sun 13:00 Near East Uni vs Cyprus International Uni

Our long term aim is to have our own pitch. To achieve this, we feel the first thing is to engage with the Government. So, the Sports Minister & TV coverage have been arranged to come to our match on Sunday morning. Hopefully they will turn up !!!

It would be good to see as many supporters as possible.

All the best,

Maid Marion of Malatya
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Re: Cricket - report from Nigel Holman

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Contact details please

I have a group of 20+ looking to visit and play , Mid October 2018

Thank you
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