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Kibkom Forum Rules

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Please abide by the below rules so that problems are not created by posting information that may upset people.
See this gentle reminder and a light hearted guide on how to use and make the best use of an internet forum. VIDEO LINK

Forum Membership Only one membership account per person, members with multiple
accounts will result in all their accounts being closed.

Be Polite Rudeness will not be tolerated. You may challenge others' points of view and
opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully without insult and personal attack. Any
member being intentionally unpleasant or disruptive will be banned without warning.

Respect The Forum Moderators Kibkom Forum Moderators have the final say. They
do not need to explain their actions.

Freedom of Speech We respect every member's right to post their opinions on all
issues providing they do not cause legal issues with regards to on-going court cases and
government laws, Worldwide.

Defamatory, Wrong or Misleading Posts By joining The Kibkom Forum, you agree
not to post any defamatory, wrong or misleading information about any person or any
company. Members doing so may be subject to legal action taken up against them. Your
post, member details and your IP address along with the time of your postings will be
used as evidence.

Stay within the Topic’s initial first post Posts outside the scope of the question
asked in the initial (first) post may be deleted without notice.

Titles for New Topic Use a title that describes the content of your post. Do not use all
caps or special characters to draw attention. Please not post one-word titles, they will be
deleted by our moderators.

Rules to posting new threads on the forum
1) Does your thread fall into any specific category?
Yes - Do not post in the general forum and select category your thread applies to.
No - You may post on the General forum.

2) Are you a business asking for money (advertising) and do not have an Ad Banner on Kibkom?
Yes - You cannot post on the forum. Contact Kibkom for our current package prices [email protected]
No - Refer to point 1

3) Are you selling your own possessions?
Yes - You may post your thread on the Sales page.
No - Refer to Point 2 if you are a business.

4) Are you a business that sponsors Kibkom by paying for an annual advertising banner?
Yes - You may post, within reason, products under appropriate category - ie. Estate Agents in Property Sales section / Car Dealers in Motors section etc..
No - Refer to point 2 if you are a business but have not purchased advertising space.

5) Are you a registered charity?
Yes - Post your thread in Charity Section - or you may place thread in General section and moderators will move after 3 days.
No - If not "Registered" as a charity, do not post anything on the Kibkom forum.

Personal Posts Do not post member specific questions. Eg. "Pete please call me when
you get in". You can use the Members internal messaging service that is available in
your User Control Panel.

Jokes Use "Joke: " in front of the title of all joke posts. Do not over saturate the forum
with jokes. Try not to upset people and keep them clean.

Posting items for Sale Use "For Sale: " in front of the title of all for sale item posts. Do
not post the same item twice.

Buying items for Sale Check item thoroughly before making payment. You are buying
item “as seen” and seller is not obliged to refund once deal has been done. Any issues
between Buyer and Seller should be dealt with privately and not on the forum. Kibkom
will not enter into any disputes between buyer and seller.

Posting Events Use "Event: " in front of the title of all event posts such as
restaurants/bars holding special nights.

You cannot Cancel your account Once you join, you cannot cancel your membership.
Once you post, you cannot delete your post. Please do not join this forum if you disagree
with this rule.

Valid Email Address You must have a valid email address on file. A verification email
will be sent which you will need to act upon to confirm your email address. You may not
be allowed to post until you confirm your email address.

Member Photos or Avatars Personal photos or avatars can be uploaded. We reserve the
right to accept or decline any photo as we see fit.

Posting Links to other Forums and websites Posting links to other forums and
websites is permitted with the discretion of our forum moderators. Pointing out
something on another forum or website for information purposes, is acceptable.
Nevertheless, linking to specific forums or websites repetitively, for the purposes of
advertising that forum or website, will get you banned.

BTT - Back to Top rules Please note that from here on I have enabled the BUMP function. After one minute of posting your thread the originator may use the bump link to bring thread back to top if nobody has responded.

You will after a few hours have a second chance to bump your thread, then that will be it.
Any members using BTT ( Back to Top ) or adding post deliberately to bring their thread back to top of page will have their thread deleted/moved by moderators.

Sticky - Global Should you want your thread at the top for a week or a month or on all pages for good coverage then please purchase a Sticky or Global:

Advertising Businesses not advertising on Kibkom cannot post on the forum. Charity Events can be posted on the General section of the Kibkom Forum and may be moved by moderators to Events section after 2/3 days, however, any other form of event should be posted on the Events section. Businesses using the signature function to advertise will have this feature removed. If you are a business and are interested in advertising on the Kibkom Forum, then please contact [email protected]

Buyers and Sellers
Kibkom is not responsible for any transactions, or any actions of its members in this forum whatsoever!
Anyone choosing to conduct any sort of transaction with another member on the Kibkom Forum does so at their own risk and expense.

As individuals, you need to take responsibility for your own actions, and you need to
take responsibility for the fact you are dealing with strangers on the internet. Kibkom
Forum is not a professional Sales service, and is provided free and without any kind of
warranty. We also will not ban people because you claim they cheated you. Do NOT send
any "evidence" as we simply do not have the time or manpower to follow through on
your complaints. We have no intention of mediating any more disputes.

We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time without notice. It is your
responsibility to remain informed of current Kibkom Forum Rules.
If you notice any rule violation in our forum, please email [email protected]
Posts that violate any of the rules will be deleted. Members that repeatedly violate these rules will be banned.
Support businesses that are supporting the Kibkom Forum - At least contact them for a quote.
This forum cannot exist without the support of both member and advertiser.
Don't forget to mention Kibkom!