Kids & Teens WingTsun MartialArts Classes now available 4+

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Kids & Teens WingTsun MartialArts Classes now available 4+

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Introducing Kids WINGTSUN

A Self-defence, Violence prevention and Character building program for Kids & Teens age 4-15 yrs. An innovative concept in martial arts for children, that is much more than just an extracurricular activity.
Kids WingTsun is specifically designed to meet the needs of kids and teens in today’s society. Children will learn age appropriate self-defence techniques and skills that will give them the confidence to stand up for themselves when necessary so that they can avoid conflicts, deescalate potentially dangerous situations, and most importantly stay safe. In addition, Kids WingTsun will help give your child the best start in life and provide them with that extra edge to help them become pleasant and secure adults.
At Kids WingTsun we offer a light-hearted and fun way to handle what could be potentially scary and dangerous scenarios, whether it is playground bullies or strangers on the street. The exercises we teach kids in class will help your child to develop the ability and necessary strategies to respond appropriately and without hesitation.

Call now or complete the form on our website to book a one week free trial, no cost, no obligation !!!
0548 841 7871 -
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